James Monroe High School Police Academy Magnet

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PA Coursework

The coursework for our cadets often mirrors that of the Law and Government Magnet, because police officers and other enforcement agents must know the law. However, those who enroll in the police academy will also train their bodies, so that they develop physical stamina as well as mental acuity and self-confidence. The Police Academy curriculum includes the following specialized studies:
  • 15-7 Reporting (LAPD codes and briefs)
  • Criminal Justice
  • Civil Rights
  • Constitutional Law
  • Forensic Science*
  • Foreign Language*
  • Departmental Procedures
  • PT (Physical Training)
*Forensic science centers on investigative research and techniques, which are grounded in mathematics and scientific inquiry; foreign language study focuses on interpretation and translation vital to the study of jurisprudence.

Our magnet coordinator, counselor, and faculty will make every effort to ensure that each cadet has a program to reach his or her specific goals, and fulfill the requirements of the most selective universities and military academies throughout California and the United States.